Commercial construction is at the forefront of Sydney’s rapid expansion. Higgins Insulation Sydney takes pride in working with some of the most innovative commercial construction companies blazing that trail. By using high performance products that maximize performance whilst minimizing space requirements, Higgins Insulation Sydney helps commercial builders meet their BCA requirements without compromising valuable retail/commercial space. We specialize in the supply only or supply and install of services in a number of areas.

Basement / Car Park Under slab –
Our professional install teams are highly experienced and provide quick, efficient and reliable installation of rigid foil faced PIR and Soffit boards in the most difficult under slab applications. When thermal and acoustic integrity is of utmost importance, we rise to the challenge.

Partition Walls / Metals frames – 
For commercial partition walls and metal frames we supply Polyester or Earthwool batts, cut to meet standard application widths, in a range of thermal and acoustic performance levels.

Stormwater / Waste Pipe Lagging
Higgins Insulation Sydney has a team of highly experienced professional pipe laggers that can take the stress and downtime out of meeting your BCA requirements for Multires acommercial construction projects. By using the best quality high performance products, like Soundlag 4525c, we ensure the highest acoustic reduction.

Hot & Cold Water Pipe Lagging – 
For lagging hot & cold water copper pipes, we use Thermotec / Thermobreak to achieve the highest thermal insulation levels and ensure product quality levels that meet Australian standards and BCA requirements.

Ceilings / Walls –
In high rise apartment buildings that require high thermal & acoustic performance with minimum space loss, we recommend Rigid foilboard for walls and ceilings. For applications where economy is the driving force we install bat insulation.

Home theaters / Sound studios / other high performance acoustic applications –
When you need guaranteed acoustic reductions on a commercial level, there is no better product than Mass Loaded Vinyl. At Higgins Insulation Sydney, we can supply high quality Mass Loaded Vinyl in 4, 6 or 8kg/m2 weights.