If you’re a builder specializing in residential new build, Higgins Insulation Sydney has got your insulation needs covered from roof to underfloor. We distribute a wide range of the best products from Australia’s leading manufacturers. We have our own highly skilled and experienced install teams, so whether you require supply only or a complete service from quote to install, we can help.

Ceiling Insulation – New Build
We understand that when building multiple new residential homes, the key to your success is efficiency, and part of that efficiency is managing the different trades effectively. That’s why at Higgins Insulation Sidney we pride ourselves in being very easy to work with. Out professional install teams are always reliable, turn up on time, ready to get the job done. We can install prior to ceilings being installed by stringing insulation into place, or we can wait until the other trades have been through and install ceiling insulation via the manhole. For ceiling insulation, we recommend.

Wall Wraps
Wrapping residential new build homes is an art. Often wall wrap will be visible for quite some time while the rest of the construction takes place. How it looks matters! Especially if it has your brand on it!. So the importance of making sure the job is neat and aesthetically pleasing is as important as ensuring that every opening is correctly taped and every stud is stapled. We can supply Breather or Non Breather foil, with or without your brand printed on it.

Wall Insulation – New Build
Higgins Insulation Sydney can install wall insulation into new build residential projects at the same time as installing ceiling insulation, or if preferred at an alternative stage. For walls where a higher level of acoustic insulation will be important, like home theater rooms, bedroom/bathroom walls, we recommend the Bradford Soundscreen range. For normal walls we use Earthwool Wall insulation batts.

Under Floor / Between levels
When installing insulation under floor / between levels, we use and recommend Bradford Soundscreen to achieve a high level of both thermal and acoustic insulation.